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ADDCO 2176 Front Performance Anti-Sway Bar

ADDCO 2176 Front Performance Anti-Sway Bar: Automotive. Buy ADDCO 2176 Front Performance Anti-Sway Bar: Sway Bars - ✓ FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Position: Front 。 Diameter: 1-1/16 inch 。 Fits: 00-06 Toyota TUNDRA (2WD and 4WD); 01-07 Toyota SEQUOIA 。 ADDCO Manufacturing Company, Inc. produces the worlds broadest line of automotive anti-sway bars and associated components. In addition to being the recognized leader in aftermarket suspension parts, we are a proven, high quality provider to the OEM market, offering the responsive and cost-effective service that only a lean, flexible, state-of-the-art manufacturer can provide. With more than 50 years of experience in the suspension industry, ADDCO has achieved ISO 9001/QS-9000 certification, and has earned the unqualified confidence of both OEM and aftermarket manufacturers. ADDCO offers and exceptionally broad product line including: OEM production parts, service parts, and performance anti-sway bars and associated parts; After market high-performance anti-sway bar kits, encompassing more than 1,200 vehicle specific applications; Shift rods and other cold formed/forged components. ADDCO's design and manufacturing teams have consistenly anticipated industry needs in advance of requirements, enabling us to lead the way in producing innovative, advanced, high quality suspension components. First company to incorporate polymers into stabilizer bar bushings; First and only manufacturer to develop cold forming of pre-hardened bar stock to prevent heat treat deformation and to retain material specifications in extreme use; First and only manufacturer with the capability to produce both solid and tubular bars, top diameter of 2 1/8 and respectively; First to develop and patent an in-cab disconnecting anti-sway bar system. 。 。 。

ADDCO 2176 Front Performance Anti-Sway Bar

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ADDCO 2176 Front Performance Anti-Sway Bar

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